Sunday, June 29, 2008

Macedonians on the March

I finally completed the first of two units for Hank's Macedonian army. This unit painted up incredibly quick and I got to test out some of the new GW washes in the process. In particular, I used the Badab Black as an armour wash on the bronze by applying it over a bronze basecoat and then re-highlighting with the bronze afterwards. The other wash I used was the Gryphon Sepia as a flesh wash. I basecoated with Tallaran Flesh and then did one highlight of Elf flesh before applying the wash as my final step. I also used the Devlin Mud wash over the red on the musicians tunic. Again, two base colors (basecoat and highlight) followed by the wash as the final step. Now on to unit number two!

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Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Nice work - looking sharp.

I'll need to try out Sepia as a flesh wash. I played around with Ogryn Flesh - but it comes out just like the old flesh wash i.e. makes it look like the figure has a bad sun burn.