Monday, November 2, 2015

Age of Sigmar: the first battle

After coming to terms with the death of the Warhammer Fantasy I've known since my start in wargaming, I decided to purchase and paint the starter box for Age of Sigmar.  The models are what really interested me about the new game and I figured, at a minimum, I'd have both sides to be able to run games with friends in the future.

Tim. the local manager of my GW store, and I guy I've known for many years, was gracious enough to find time to play my first game of AoS.  It was my Stormcast Eternals versus his Khorne Bloodbound.  Tim is an AMAZING painter as you can see from the pictures of his Khorne stuff below.  
Stormcast Eternal Liberators prepare to receive the charge of a horde of  Blodreavers
3 Prosecutors ready to pounce into action
A unit of Retributors with their leader, A Lord Relictor, in the background