Saturday, April 11, 2009

We came, we saw, we........

....managed to at least survive a couple of games. Dave Pauwels and myself played in the WAB Team Tournament at Adepticon 2009 and had a fantastic time. All the guys we played were great and I couldn't recommend this event more highly. Check out for information on Adepticon and the Warhammer Ancients events being planned for next year.

Dave and I played an unholy alliance of Carthage and Republican Rome and we were thrilled to win the Best Appearance award. Below are a couple of pics of our stuff (The really nicely painted Carthaginian stuff is Dave's!).

Next up, I plan to touch up my Romans and finish the rest of the models I currently have to get to about 1300 points. My hope is to complete a solid 2000 points by next year's Adepticon.