Friday, August 26, 2011

Tale of Four AWC LotR Gamers Begins!

What have I got myself into now? A week or so ago I got an email from my friend Brent Sinclair asking if I'd be willing to participate in an Adeptus Windy City Lord of the Rings Club version of the Tale of Four Gamers. Tim Kulinski and his crew out in Arizona had done the same thing earlier this year and it looked like a lot of fun. Well, I'm not one to rush my painting projects (which sadly explains my lack of armies!), but after some soul searching I decided I couldn't pass up the chance to participate in this project. Not only would it help me get a new army finished, but I'd be competing along with some great LotR hobbyists: Chris Balke, Brent Sinclair and Jeremy Williams.

The plan is to complete 600 points in 5 months. At the start of each month we will plan out 150 points in models and then complete these by the end of that month. The 5th month will be set aside for finishing touches like bases and display boards. Each of us will be responsible for posting our plan and completed work each month on our respective blogs.

Chris Balke:

Brent Sinclair:

Jeremy Williams:

To keep score we plan to use the following point system:

Models painted on time: +5pts
Models painted late: +3pts
Models not painted: +0pts

And to encourage some gaming we'll score our wins and losses as follows:

Major Win: 5pts
Minor Win: 4pts
Draw: 3pts
Minor Loss: 2pts
Major Loss: 1pts

Games can start anytime after the second month when we have reached a 300 point level for our armies.

So there you have it. Should be a fun project and if I finish with any points by the end I'll be happy. Good luck to Chris, Brent and Jeremy. Can't wait to see the finished work from these guys.