Monday, May 18, 2009

Some exciting news.

I'm very excited about the launch of this new miniature company from a very personal angle. The founders are some good friends and I can't wait to see all the exciting stuff they have lined up for the future. I already have a Temperance model on the way and I'll definitely have pics up as soon as I get started on her.

Gorgon Studios Launches
Gorgon Studios, a cabal of veteran hobbyist, game designers/writers and miniatures painter, is proud to officially launch its website ( and announce its partnership with world-renown miniatures sculptor, Steve Saleh.

Gorgon is happy to make its first Collector’s range model available. We are proud to introduce “Temperance”, a 40mm post-Apocalyptic she-devil. Sculpted by Steve Saleh, this multi-part figure heralds Gorgon’s eclectic Collector’s range. Walking directly from the blighted and nightmarish wastelands of the dark future, Temperance makes a formidable addition for the collector, painter or wargamer.

‘At the Hot Gates’

Over the next few months, Gorgon Miniatures plans to release its first two ranges of 28mm historical miniatures. First off, will be the re-release of Steve Saleh's excellent range of early Spartans, as a forerunner to a comprehensive treatment of the Classical era. Keep checking the website for availability, updates and previews of forthcoming figures.

Concurrently, Gorgon Publishing is working on both miniatures rules and some exciting RPG material. Stay tuned! The next few months will see lots of surprises. Again, all details of our products will be announced first on our website. Keep checking for updates.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caesar in Gaul

I've been detoxing from the crazy fun of Adepticon 2009 but I have managed to do some of my commission work in the meantime. Although, dumb me forgot to take pictures! Now it's on to a project for a historical gaming magazine involving some Celts and Roman siege craft. I'll try and show some pics when and if I can.

In the works for this summer are more Republican Romans, finishing my Minas Tirith force for War of the Ring and maybe a GamesDay entry if I have the time and energy left. I'm going to dedicate myself to updating my blog pics at least once a week. Yeah, who am I kidding! Let's shoot for once a month first!!

Stay tuned.