Friday, January 11, 2013

A Shot of Southern Comfort

Over the past couple of weeks I've been inspired to delve into my American Civil War project that I'm working on as part of The Guns of April group.  Due to the machinations of one our members who will go unnamed, we were gently persuaded to do Gettysburg. Since I was the least opposed to painting the "bad guys" I ended up as one of the Confederate commanders.  Yet, on the positive side, I was tasked with painting the overall command stand with none other than Robert E. Lee (You'll have to wait for this one).  Plus, I love bluegrass music so I've been getting my southern groove on while I paint these guys.
You can follow the full details of this project and all our contributors at The Guns of April Blog.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Hobby Resolutions: EPIC FAIL

I knew when I posted it last year at this time that in all likelihood my hobby resolutions for the year would be hard to follow through on.  Well, turns out I was right in assuming that as I only accomplished 3 of me 2012 hobby resolutions.  Below is the list from 2012 and I've indicated those items I accomplished. 

For 2012 I have several painting and hobby projects to complete:
  • Paint one unit of 2/24th British Line Infantry for the Guns of April Napoleonic project for Adepticon (COMPLETED)
  • Paint a unit of Gorgon Studios Etruscans for the Little Wars Charity auction (FAIL)
  • Paint Fallaschirmjager and Panzer additions for my Flames of War forces (FAIL)
  • Build and paint my FOW terrain for home use (FAIL)
  • Paint a Lord of the Rings Harad army for Bilbo's Bash (FAIL)
  • Paint at least one unit of Etruscans for the Gorgon Studios army (I'm setting the bar low) (COMPLETED)
  • Play LotR and FOW more regularly (COMPLETED for LotR at least)
  • Play in a FOW tournament (FAIL)
3 for 8 is not great but not the worst I guess.  I think I'm most happy that I got some more LotR gaming in and my biggest disappointment is not much FOW gaming.

So, for 2013, let's see if I can get a least a 4 for 8 or better.  Without further ado, here is my hobby resolutions for 2013.

  • Paint a Confederate Brigade (130+ figs) for the Guns of April ACW project for Adepticon
  • Finish my Fallschirmjager additions for FOW
  • Finish my FOW terrain
  • Play more FOW games
  • Play in a FOW tournament
  • Paint two new 600 point LotR armies
  • Paint 1000 points for the Badab War project
  • Play some 40k games

To start the new year I thought I'd share my most recent Badab War model for my 1000 point project.  This model is actually part of a planned Kill Zone team but I hope to make it part of my larger 40k Imperial Guard army.  I kept with the white and blue color scheme of the IG I started and after finishing realized I had secretly channeled my inner Star Wars geek by replicating an AT-AT.