Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Watchful I Studio

A good friend and fellow gamer, Joe Krone, has started a new venture in the gaming arena with the founding of his new company Watchful I Studio.  He has covered all the Internet marketing and you can check out the companies progress on the web ( and Facebook.

Plus, like any good miniature project these days, Joe has started a Kickstarter to help get his company off the ground.

The master miniatures shown so far plus the painted versions he's done look fantastic.  So of course, I had to jump in on the Kickstarter.  Looking forward to seeing how far the project gets and what goodies get unlocked.  It only took 6 days to reach his goal so I have high hopes for the remaining 23 days.

So please, check out Joe's project and help support a great guy and fellow miniature gamer.