Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bilbo's Birthday Bash 2010

Last weekend I had my first chance to play in a LotR tournament by attending Bilbo's Birthday Bash. This event started last year and this year the organizer, Brent Sinclair, went out of his way to make it a huge success. With over 20 players, some from out of state, it was a top notch event.

Although my battle score was horrible I had a fantastic time and walked away with Best Appearance and Favorite Army. I was totally honored to win these as the competition for these was pretty stiff. My personal favorite army was John Humphrey's Grey Company. We actually tied for appearance score and I lucked out by getting a few more Favorite Army votes. John is a great painter and a great guy.

Below are pics of the event including a couple of John's army, Kyle Toth's Mordor force, another great looking army, and a few of the other forces in attendance. There were some really nice painted armies in attendance to be sure. In all the excitement I forgot to take some photos of my own force so I'll do that soon and get some up. Needless to say, with the likes of John and others I have to step my game up if I want to keep up at Adepticon 2011.