Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pikes, Elephants and More Pikes!

Once again I had the pleasure of playing in my friends Michael's ancients game.  This month was Macedonian Greeks with an awesome array of pike units.  The models looked great but I did manage to stick myself with several pikes in my arm and partial destroyed a stand of Greeks due to me catching the pikes and pulling the unit off of the table!

In addition to all the pike units, we had cavalry (light, heavy and Cataphractii) as well as some scythed chariots and Elephants.

My co-general, Bill, devised a plan of waiting back and letting the enemy come to us.  I held the right flank and was facing the Cataphracts which I was very nervous about.  I held up his lighter cavalry on that flank and positioned myself to be able to flank but all for nothing.  His cavalry broke through my wing and began to attack my infantry flanks.  My unit held a few turns but I failed to do enough damage in the center to break any of my opponents models (plus some damn good rolls on their part as well!).

We had broken through on their right flank as well but one unit of infantry held up our forces and bought their army enough time to break us in the middle.  In the end, it was a defeat for our side, but still a really fun and awesome looking game.