Thursday, December 18, 2008

Deadlines approaching

I'm painting some Lord of the Rings figures for a charity auction at The Gathering in the Desert, an Indy GT for LotR held in Phoenix. You can find out more at

I decided to do the diorama "No man can kill me". I wanted to make the figures usable both in the diorama and for regular game play so I decided to try using magnets as show here. The round silver magnets come from "Amazing Magnets" ( and the black metal strips I purchased at Michael's Craft Store. The nice thing about the strip magnets is they can easily be cut to any size and shape you need. The idea is that the strip magnet will allow the model to attach to either a standard round gaming base OR the diorama base without being permanently fixed to these.

Now I need to get cutting on painting these three to meet my February deadline!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Better late then never.

It took me a but longer to finish my first unit let alone get some good pics of it. But, after much delay here it is.
I have to take a short break to do some commission work but I hope to have another 12 Hastati done before Christmas. I like to think of it as an early Christmas present for Hank. :)