Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Custer's Last Stand

April is always a crazy time of year for me between work, family and gaming conventions.  So, now that I have a chance to recupperate I thought I'd share some highlights from the awesome game convention that is Adepticon.

First up, with Adepticon moving to a Thursday start I decided to use that as an opportunity to do some gaming, since I wasn't scheduled to run anything until Friday.  The one downside to this convention is that there is so much to do and not enough time to do it in, although that's not really a bad thing is it?  Couple that with helping to run events or setup and there is even less time to play.  My contribution is small but others do far more than me and I need to point out the extraordinary efforts some of the organizers and staff go to to make Adepticon what it is.  A big thanks to the organizers and staff that spend countless, often thankless hours, prior to and during Adepticon to make it happen.  It's only thanks to those dedicated volunteers that Adepticon is the great convention it is.

Enough of the Adepticon love fest then.....

I had the chance to sign up for "The Battle of Little Bighorn" game put on by a great guy and friend, Merle Delinger.  I've seen him run this the past couple of years and I've always wanted to play in it.

Merle uses the Old West rules and Blood on the Plains supplement for this game.  It involves several Native American contigents, one led by Crazy Horse and two Federal Cavalry contingents.  One of these is deployed on table and led by George Custer himself.  The other is all mounted releif force that arrives later as a reserve.

I decided I was feeling anti-government so chose to play as the Native Americans.  It was a fun game and all five of us playing had a great time.  Even though the reserve force game on first turn we managed to hold them up while Crazy Horse surrounded and finished off Custer. A victory for our side!


Scott said...

Great looking stuff!

Jamie said...

Thanks Scott, although I should be clear that none of this was mine. It was all painted by Merle who was running the event. But you are correct, it was great looking stuff.