Monday, May 20, 2013

Cowboys and Hobbits

The AWC Lord of the Rings club couldn't let Adepticon pass without showcasing The Hobbit SBG game by running some demo games.  Although the new movie and game release haven't generated the gaming interest I'd hoped we still had a nice crowd of players each day.
A big thank you to Tyler and Kyle for running the demo table on Saturday and Sunday.  As well as a big thanks for all those who helped preparing the miniatures and terrain (Chris B, Tyler, Kyle, Chris T. and Tim).

I also really wanted to run an Old West game using the Legends of the Old West rules and featuring some of the old west models from our miniature range at Gorgon Studios. I had big plans for a mini-campaign style game involving 4 posses and two different scenarios played in series.  Unfortunately, I had one registration total and that person never showed up.  But getting it all setup wasn't a total loss as two of the "Edley boys" and their cousin came over and played. Next year I may try a night game as I think a Saturday morning game conflicted with to many other events and tournaments.

The really disappointing thing for me was that I had a wonderful piece of terrain commissioned by my friend Jeremy over at Wyrd Hobby Services that we never had the chance to use.  Rest assured, this will definitely be used the next time I run a game.


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