Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We interrupt this regulalry scheduled blog..... bring you an important message about an awesome Kickstarter project:

ROBOTECH RPG TACTICS! (click here to see more about this project)

I had a chance to play a demo of this at Adepticon and the company was also giving away a free Zentradi figure each day in the vendor hall.  As if they didn't already have me at "Robotech", the coolest sci-fi/anime/soap opera a 12 year old had ever seen, the free fig and the fun demo was enough.

Myself and a friend are in on this and set to get tons of bonus stuff thanks to the overwhelming support they have gotten on kickstarter.  Yet, with 5 more days left there are still plenty of chances to join in.  Not only are the models and background great but if you get in at the right level (Battle Cry and above) you will be getting a ton of great stuff at an incredible price.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

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