Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Concerning Hobbits

Thanks to the kindness of Brent Sinclair, organizer of Bilbo's Birthday Bash (B3), the Adepticon Lord of the Rings tournament attendees will be getting a one of a kind model for free when they enter at least one Lord of the Rings tournament at Adepticon 2013.  Below is a painted version of the model that will be given away (unpainted of course) to attendees.
This model was sculpted by Dave Fredericks of Majestic Bear Miniatures.  You can find out more about Adepticon and register for a Lord of the Rings tournament at the site.


ukfreddybear said...

Ah, this is the first one I have seen painted up. He's not half bad!

Jamie said...

LOL. Glad you like it. The sculptor did a great job. ;)