Saturday, October 29, 2011

Haradrim: Day 1

So here is where it begins. Although I failed to complete anything close to my required models for month 1 of the Tale of Four Gamers, I did do SOME work. The two painted models above were my test models for my Haradrim army from before the start of the project. So, technically, I have two models done! Below is the actual initial models I slated to finish in month 1. I still have a few bow strings to add and need to base my captain but this will be my initial group of models when I finally get some time to paint them. The bow strings are thin jewelry wire from a craft store. I cut and wrap these around the bow and then use super glue to hold them in place while I attach the other end to the opposite side of the bow. For the bows pulled to the ready, I cut two pieces, wrap each around the bow and then glue to loose piece to the hand. Once primed and painted it all looks pretty good.

So, although I have a lot on the hobby plate at the moment, I still hold out hope that I can finish my army by AdeptiCon 2012. If not, I'll certainly have a head start on my force for Bilbo's Birthday Bash 2012.


Scott said...

Nice work on those 'test figs'. They'll be an impressive bunch once all completed.

Joel said...

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