Friday, October 21, 2011

The Guns of April

I've always been intrigued by the Napoleonic era and particularly the uniforms of the period but have never really know much about the conflict. I've toyed with painting a few figs for fun but the thought of painting the required numbers of models in 28mm scale always put me off from any real endeavour into the period. Well, my friend Dave Pauwels knows me to well so when he started tossing around ideas for a historical big game to run at Adepticon 2012 he of course brought up the idea of a Napoleonic battle. Not only that, but he suggested teaming up with the likes of Joe Krone, Dave Taylor and Brien Dulaney to do this project. Well, he had me at "You have to paint the British".

The result of this crazy idea has now taken virtual form in our new project blog "The Guns of April" ( Put together by the capable hands of Dave Taylor, the blog will detail our efforts to assemble and paint models to represent the 1812 Battle of Salamanca which we will re-play at Adepticon 2012. You can find more details at that blog along with updates from all sides. For my part, I will be working alongside Mr. Taylor to add to his already significant British force. As I do my part, I will make sure to post updates here on my blog along with posts to the Guns of April blog as well.

So stay tuned for some British Line Infantry soon!


Jeremy said...

how is your harad army coming along :)

Jamie said...

See the post right before this one. ;)

Iain Martin said...

I didn't know you were interested in this era. I'll send you an audio or two.

Jamie said...

Hey Iain. Some audiobooks on the period would be great. I really don't know to much about the period. I just liked the uniforms.