Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rome Triumphant!

Another fun Ancients game at Mike's house.....well, fun for the Republican Roman commanders at least!

Republican Romans faced off against the Carthaginians and allies.  As usual at Mike's, we used Tactica as our rule set.  Before gaming with Mike I had never encountered these rules before.  As I learn more I like the rules. They are fairly simple compared to many rule sets so lend themselves to a easy game for people new to the rules.  The hardest part for me is movement, as the rules try to replicate the style of Ancient warfare by making maneuvers fairly difficult to perform.  This can make taking a flank difficult as you usually have to break some units first to break through and then turn on the flank.

As I alluded to above, the dice were not with the Carthaginians this day.  As for the Romans, things went much better.  In particular, my Roman cavalry (supported by skirmishers) destroyed Mike's left flank force quickly enough to bring their numbers to bare on the exposed infantry flank.  Considering how poorly I usually roll, I think Mike was stunned at my sudden good fortune.  The good new for Mike is that my luck never holds so it could be 2015 before I get another run of dice luck like this game.

My cavalry charging in to destroy Mike's light cavalry.

The right flank of the Carthaginian line.

The glory of Republican Rome.

Some beautiful Carthaginians (yet to be released) from Gorgon Studios.

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