Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The High Tide of the Confederacy

Our Guns of April game for 2013, Gettysburg, was a fantastic event and you can see a quick recap of the game over at the Guns of April blog.  I also have some shots of my own forces in action from that game and will try and get those up either here or on the Guns of April site in the near future.  Although the game was called as a minor Union victory, my pride still won't accept this fact.

All joking aside, this was another great project and I was thrilled by how much I was able to get done.  I fell short by one stand (a horse holder) to use when my cavalry dismounted, which it turns out, never did anyway!

So below are shots of the finished force I painted for the event.  Knowing I could get this together has given me hope of not only adding more confederates but starting on a Union counterpart to this force.  Only time will tell.



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Phil said...

Excellent looking figures, great paintjob!