Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Hobby Resolutions: EPIC FAIL

I knew when I posted it last year at this time that in all likelihood my hobby resolutions for the year would be hard to follow through on.  Well, turns out I was right in assuming that as I only accomplished 3 of me 2012 hobby resolutions.  Below is the list from 2012 and I've indicated those items I accomplished. 

For 2012 I have several painting and hobby projects to complete:
  • Paint one unit of 2/24th British Line Infantry for the Guns of April Napoleonic project for Adepticon (COMPLETED)
  • Paint a unit of Gorgon Studios Etruscans for the Little Wars Charity auction (FAIL)
  • Paint Fallaschirmjager and Panzer additions for my Flames of War forces (FAIL)
  • Build and paint my FOW terrain for home use (FAIL)
  • Paint a Lord of the Rings Harad army for Bilbo's Bash (FAIL)
  • Paint at least one unit of Etruscans for the Gorgon Studios army (I'm setting the bar low) (COMPLETED)
  • Play LotR and FOW more regularly (COMPLETED for LotR at least)
  • Play in a FOW tournament (FAIL)
3 for 8 is not great but not the worst I guess.  I think I'm most happy that I got some more LotR gaming in and my biggest disappointment is not much FOW gaming.

So, for 2013, let's see if I can get a least a 4 for 8 or better.  Without further ado, here is my hobby resolutions for 2013.

  • Paint a Confederate Brigade (130+ figs) for the Guns of April ACW project for Adepticon
  • Finish my Fallschirmjager additions for FOW
  • Finish my FOW terrain
  • Play more FOW games
  • Play in a FOW tournament
  • Paint two new 600 point LotR armies
  • Paint 1000 points for the Badab War project
  • Play some 40k games

To start the new year I thought I'd share my most recent Badab War model for my 1000 point project.  This model is actually part of a planned Kill Zone team but I hope to make it part of my larger 40k Imperial Guard army.  I kept with the white and blue color scheme of the IG I started and after finishing realized I had secretly channeled my inner Star Wars geek by replicating an AT-AT.


Scott said...

I look forward to your LOTR and FoW output.

That walker looks cool, always had a soft spot for them since seeing Return of the Jedi, all those years ago...

Hamster. said...

Nice work

Centaur said...

Looking forward to seeing more conversions - best of luck on your projects this year!

Jamie said...

Thanks! So many projects so little time. :)