Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laying down the (hobby) law for 2012

I can't let the month of January go without copying my fellow gaming bloggers and posting a New Year planning post. So, after much soul searching I think I have a plan for my hobby this year. In fact, I mean to lay down the law, stick to my guns and complete this whole list (yeah right!).

For 2012 I have several painting and hobby projects to complete:

  • Paint one unit of 2/24th Biritish Line Infantry for the Guns of April Napoleonic project for Adepticon
  • Paint a unit of Gorgon Studios Etruscans for the Little Wars Charity auctio
  • Paint Fallaschirmjager and Panzer additions for my Flames of War forces
  • Build and paint my FOW terrain for home use
  • Paint a Lord of the Rings Harad army for Bilbo's Bash
  • Paint at least one unit of Etruscans for the Gorgon Studios army (I'm setting the bar low)
  • Play LotR and FOW more regularly
  • Play in a FOW tournament
As usual for me, there are so many other "wishlist" items I won't commit to as I KNOW I won't complete it all and it's not a priority at the moment. For the most part, I'd love to finish the rest of my English Civil War Royalists and finish another 1000 points of Gorgon Studios Spartans. But, I guess those will have to wait until I complete the list above. Plus, I need to leave room for the unexpected hobby challenge that is sure to come my way this year (it always does).

Of course, as I work on these projects I'll make sure to post WIP shots as well as complete pictures. PAnd we'll see how well I do by January 1st, 2013.

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Hank Edley said...

Looks like a good list Jaime.