Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Great Eye Calls!

Here we are, September 1st and it's time to get going on the Tale of Four Gamers project. For me, that means assembling my first 150 points(148 to be exact) which will be made up of the following models.

11 Haradrim Warriors w/ bow = 66pts
2 Haradrim Warriors w/ spear = 12pts
1 Haradrim Warrior w/ horn = 25pts
1 Haradrim Chieftain = 45pts

Stay tuned for shots of the assembled models and the final product for this month. The men of Harad will not fail their master Sauron.


Cbalke said...

Really so little time many models. Were are you going to find the time? Good Luck.

njryan said...

Just randomly happened upon your blog after following the AZ Tale of Four Gamers contest. . . as a fellow Haradrim player, I'd *strongly* recommend adding a blister or two of Abrakhân Guard to your army (if you don't already have them). They are absolutely a terror on the field - even dwarves quake at their approach. The ability to crack open D8 on the roll of 5s for 8pts? what's not to like?