Saturday, March 5, 2011

Adepticon 2011 fast approaching!

Adepticon is just about a month away and I've recently kicked my painting into high gear to meet the deadline of April 1st for the Lord of the Rings Championship. Here are a few pics of some work in progress models along with what the completed bases should look like. Thanks to my friend Brent taking over the coordination of the event this year I will finally get to play in one of the Lord of the Rings events at Adepticon for the first time!

As you might tell I'm very excited about this. Having run the events at Adepticon for the past four years I've watched some great games and even greater players playing the game. Now I get to join this fantastic group of Lord of the Rings hobbyists and compete against some of the best players around.

So stay tuned for updated photos and information. And as always, check out the Adepticon forums at for more information on Lord of the Rings and Adepticon.


kyle said...

Impressive most impressive

Kirsten said...


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